The Pyromantic Symphony (1997)


1: The Crystal Entrance (2:32)
2: Castles In The Air (6:37)
3: The Eternal Dream To Fly (10:36)
4: Island In The Stream (7:32)
5: Shadowchasing Moon (14:19)
6: July Evening (4:00)
7: The Final Enchantment (6:04)

Album Information:
Lanvall: electric guitar, 6 & 12-string acoustic guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, piano, keyboards and pipe organ
Ulbi Ulbricht: bassguitar
Thomas Schaufler: drums
Astrid Stockhammer: violin
Elisabeth Presenhuber: flute
Choir: Leonfeldner Kantorei, conducted by Elisabeth Presenhuber

All music and words by Lanvall

Recorded and mixed by Davide Piai at Roxanne Studio (Germany) August - November 1997

Produced by Lanvall and Davide Piai

Pre-Production by Lanvall and Hansi Fuchs

Choir recordet at Schloss Weinberg Studio (Austria)

Cover artwork by Sabine Edelsbacher

Layout and Scans by Die Signer GmbH, Wernau