Sunrise in Eden (2000)


1: Cheyenne Spirit (05:35) Lyrics
2: Sunrise In Eden (08:31) Lyrics
3: Forever Shine On (05:03) Lyrics
4: Holy Fire (04:48) Lyrics
5: Wings Of The Wind (05:05) Lyrics
6: In The Rain (04:29) Lyrics
7: Midnight At Noon (04:11) Lyrics
8: Take Me Back (04:15) Lyrics
9: My Last Step Beyond (10:44) Lyrics

Tracklist (Disc 2):
1: Sunrise In Eden (Mix Gandalf)
2: Cheyenne Spirit (Mix Gandalf)
3: Forever Shine On (Mix Gandalf)
4: Holy Fire (Mix Gandalf)
5: Wings Of The Wind (Mix Gandalf)
6: In The Rain (MIx Gandalf)
7: Midnight At Noon (Mix Gandalf)
8: Take Me Back (Mix Gandalf)
9: My Last Step Beyond (Mix Gandalf)

Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead and Backing Vocals
Lanvall: Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Kurt Bednarsky: Bass
Roland Navratil: Drums
Guest Musicians:
Gandalf: Sitar on "My Last Step Beyond"
Astrid Stockhammer: Backing Vocals

All music, lyrics and vocal melodies by Lanvall
Recorded at Seagull Music Studio (Austria) by Gandalf
CD 1 mixed at House Of Audio (Germany) by Dennis Ward
CD 2 mixed at Seagull Music Studio (Austria) by Gandalf
Remastered at the Red Room by Andy Horn
Produced by Lanvall
Cover artwork design by Markus Mayer
Booklet Design by Reinhard Schmid
Original Booklet-Design by Alexander Rauser